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SeaClear Bowfront Aquariums

SeaClear Bowfront Aquariums are perfect for salt and freshwater displays. Available in a wide variety of sizes that fit perfectly on most commercial aquarium stands.

With a beautiful curving front display, made with all-acrylic construction. SeaClear Bowfront Aquariums are aesthetically pleasing.

The seams are a molecularly bonded with solvent, making SeaClear Bowfront Aquarium virtually leak and break proof.

All SeaClear Aquariums are acrylic, which is half the weight of any given glass aquarium of the same capacity and size, with 17 times more strength.
Impervious to the corrosive effects of saltwater and easily polishable, marine museums, or aquascapes can be just as astonishing with SeaClear Bowfront Aquariums as with traditional heavyweight glass aquariums.

Made of sparkling acrylic, these bowfront show aquariums combine a modern design with the benefits of acrylic construction. They are manufactured to fit stands and canopies from other manufacturers, including All-Glass Aquarium. SeaClear Bowfront Aquariums come with a UL listed fluorescent light fixture and a manufacturers lifetime limited warranty.

A SeaClear Bowfront Aquariums are perfect for reception areas, offices, meeting rooms or home use.

Availability: 36 and 46 gallon capacity.

SeaClear Bowfront Aquarium colors include: Clear, Black and Cobalt Blue.

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