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Return Policy and Warranty
Return Policy

All returned items require a Return Authorization before they are picked up or shipped back. Please contact Designer Aquariums at (562) 434 - 9635 for a Return Authorization. Credit will be given or merchandise will be exchanged at the discretion of Designer Aquariums.



Designer Aquariums guarantees all products carry a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Products will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Designer Aquariums. The warranty duration and effective date is assigned for the period established by current legislation and the warranty period begins on the date of purchase of the machine. The purchase documentation must be carefully conserved (receipt or invoice) in case of intervention under warranty. The breakage, interference with or elimination of the seals on the product renders the warranty totally inapplicable.

Limitations - The warranty does not cover defects or damage due to the followings:

  • Incorrect positioning or installation, non compliance with safety norms or the written positioning instruction;
  • Improper use;
  • Extraneour causes (shipment damage, damage to case due to impact or wear, damage by atmospheric agents or other natural phenomena);
  • Repairs or modifications effected by third parties not authorized by Designer Aquariums. The supply of spare parts under warranty does not imply extension of the original warranty period;
  • If the single clauses of this warranty are or become legally inapplicable, the other conditions remain valid.


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