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biUbe Aquarium

The biUbe is a great unique addition to the Reef One aquarium range. Available in silver or black and designed to fit in a smaller space than the biOrb range, it's ideal as a focal point in a small flat, study, kitchen or bedroom.

Made from strong, crystal clear acrylic and featuring the same filtration system as the popular biOrb means it's simple and quick to maintain.

The biUbe contains 35 litres (9 US Gallons) of water and is ideal for tropical or coldwater fish. Supplied complete with a 5 stage internal filter, halogen light, ceramic media, air pump, plug top 12 volt transformer, water treatment, fish food and a full set of instructions.

An extensive list of accessories is available, and can be viewed under Accessories.

biUbe Features:

Maximum Oxygenation Independent studies have shown that the biOrb range has higher oxygenation levels than traditional rectangular aquariums. Studies carried out by scientists from Germany and British universities conclusively showed that Reef One aquariums consistently have higher oxygenation levels, in some instances as much as 30% more. Find out more...

Choice of Color The biUbe comes with a black or silver lid and base. The solid bands which wrap around the top and the bottom of the aquarium offer a great work of individualising your aquarium to match your home. Find out more...

Light Included The biUbe aquarium is supplied with a halogen light unit. The color lid covers the light unit. Alternatively the biUbe is also available with the Intelligent LED light unit.

Color Tint The biUbe is available in crystal clear acrylic or with an delicate blue tint. Both options offer the same high quality finish and extra strength and robustness offered by acrylic.

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