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The ethos behind the biOrb range of aquariums is to make fishkeeping easy, by including everything needed in the one box. Even the fish food* is included. Our system uses 5 stages of water optimisation to ensure that your fish remain healthy and keeps maintenance low.

Due to the unique shape of the biOrb, solid waste produced by the fish is drawn into the filter cartridge which is located at the base of the aquarium. When performing routine maintenance the cartridge is quickly and easily removed by twisting the bubble tube and lifting the cartridge out of the water, you don’t even need to get your hands wet. The cartridge, containing the waste and depleted chemicals, can then be simply replaced.

The filter cartridge provides additional benefits other than just the easy removal of fish waste. Our unique anti-backdrain cartridge means that when you remove the cartridge the waste is not released into the water. The filter cartridge also contains mechanical and chemical filtration along with natural water stabilisers. The cartridge has been developed to contain the ideal blend of resin particles to increase the water quality and help keep your fish healthy.

Our unique filtration system is air powered. Independent tests conducted by researchers from the University of the West of England proved the water is 100% oxygenated. The spherical and tubular shapes ensure a uniform distribution of oxygenated water throughout the aquarium. This high level of oxygen is not only great for the fish, as this is what they need, but also vital for the beneficial bacteria that colonise the ceramic media.

Our aquariums use a biological filtration, located at the bottom of the aquarium. Highly porous ceramic media is used in conjunction with the oxygenated water to provide the ideal environment for a highly effective biological filtration. This biological filtration removes the poisonous waste, such as ammonia and nitrite, which are produced by the fish. The ceramic media remains in the aquarium at all times so the biological filtration is never interrupted when the filter is changed.

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