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Aquavista is the provider of innovative, decorative products that add life to your home or office. The Aquavista brand is focused on providing unique, lively and stylish decorative items that combine the beauty of art with the serenity of aquariums.

The Aquavista 500 is a patented, self-contained wall mounted aquarium that transforms any wall into a dynamic conversation piece. The unit hangs like framed art and is preassembled with filter, air pump, heater, lighting, and LCD control panel. Highly customizable with a wide selection of frames and backgrounds, the low maintenance. AquaVista 500 allows you to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of owning tropical fish without the hassle.

The Aquavista 100 is a patented, space-saving tabletop aquarium that looks like a flat screen LCD monitor. The self-contained, low voltage unit is preassembled with LED lighting, filter/air pump, and includes a vivid background and designer frame. Aquavista 100ís slim profile makes it the perfect decoration for any home and office without occupying valuable space. It is easy to set up and maintain, and its sleek design adds serenity and style to any room. The Aquavista 100ís modular design and accessories make it highly customizable and decorative. The aquarium can be personalized to fit any mood or occasion with the wide selection of 3D backgrounds and designer frames, that can be easily changed.







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